Blackjack – the only way to beat the house on the casino floor

Blackjack - the only way to beat the house on the casino floor

In the mid-twentieth century, it was discovered that one of the games had a way to beat the dealer or even beat the banker, and that game was blackjack. Players were able to improve their odds by counting cards and beating the dealer at the table.

No one in the world wants to be in the business of losing money, and casino owners are no exception. They set up the casino, set the rules in the dealer’s favor, and then wait for the punters to throw themselves into the net. This is how all casinos make their money (leaving aside other revenues such as hotels and restaurants, which are sometimes even included with gambling), and all gambling games are in the banker’s favor, with the odds always being a few percentage points higher than the player’s, making the casino the ultimate money-maker in an endless series of bets. But in the mid-twentieth century, someone found a way to fight or even beat the dealer in one of these games: blackjack.

However, unlike other games in the casino where each game is a separate event, each card dealt in blackjack affects the conditions that may occur in each subsequent game, and the rules include exploding cards and the dealer has to make up a card if he is less than 17 points, so players have the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and improve their odds by counting cards to beat the dealer at the table.

The method of card counting is as follows: 10 J Q K A is considered a big card, 2 3 4 5 is considered a small card, 7 8 9 is not included in the calculation, +1 when a big card is dealt, and -1 when a small card is encountered. The player must first patiently observe each card dealt by the dealer in each game, and mentally calculate, until the number in his mind has a certain amount, then he can bet according to the situation. For example, if the number in your mind is -10, it means that the majority of the cards dealt are small and the possibility of the dealer blowing up has increased significantly, so you should stop asking for cards at the right hand and wait for the dealer to lose the hand.

However, if this method was so effective, then gamblers would have already flipped and casinos would have banned the game. For this method to work, the following conditions are required.

Large capital.

You have to be able to afford to lose money if you want to win, and there is no way to win without money.

Fast mental calculation skills.

This method of card counting is based on calculating each card dealt by the dealer, and mental calculation skills are essential.

Calm judgment.

You should not get excited when you win, and you should not get impatient when you lose, and you should continue to follow your established strategy.

Of course, casinos are no slackers and have many counter-measures when they know the blackjack game is flawed, such as using multiple decks of cards, constantly shuffling and cutting cards, and even turning blacklisted gamblers away from the table. This makes the method no longer work in large casinos, but next time you might want to try it at a small blackjack table to make a little money! The method of card counting is different for everyone, so you can use it as you see fit.

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