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How to Play Dream Catcher in the Philippines?

Dream Catcher has everything you could want from Live Casino action: a hi-tech, multi-camera view makes for total gaming immersion; it’s extremely easy and fun to play; finally, and most importantly, it gives you the chance to win big prizes in an instant.

How’s that for a dream coming true? Play Dream Catcher today. 

Dream Catcher – Basic Rules and Betting limits

Dream Catcher couldn’t be easier to play. The wheel has 52 numbered segments, plus two multiplier segments of 2x and 7x.

Simply bet on the number on which you think the wheel will stop. The payout odds are easy to remember as they match the numbers: a winning bet on 5 will pay 5/1 (6.00), a winning bet on 10 will pay 10/1 (11.00) – you get the idea.

The Bonus Spin Multiplier

If the wheel stops on a multiplier segment, then all bets remain in place. No new bets will be allowed and the wheel is spun again.

The outcome of the next spin will determine the winning wager as usual, but the odds will be multiplied by 2x or 7x, depending on which multiplier the wheel stopped on in the previous spin.

If the wheel stops again on a multiplier, then all bets remain in place once more, and the multiplied payout from the last spin is multiplied again. The host spins again, and continues to spin until the spin ends with a result; i.e. the wheel stops on a non-multiplier segment. Consecutive multipliers are multiplied together for massive multiplier wins.

See the table below for distribution of numbers on the wheel and corresponding payout odds:

Number on WheelNumber of SegmentsPayout
1232.00 (Evens)
2153.00 (2/1)
576.00 (5/1)
10411.00 (10/1)
20221.00 (20/1)
40141.00 (40/1)
2x1Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 2x
7x1Multiplies the payout of the next winning number by 7x

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Dream Catcher is 96.55%, (based on a maximum win of 500,000).

Dream CatcherMin BetMax Bet
Table Limits0.1020,000

How do I start playing Dream Catcher in the Philippines?

Open the Casino tab in your desktop or mobile client to browse Live Casino games, and find Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher can be found in the client by selecting the Casino tab at the top of the client window, then selecting the ‘Live’ tab (mobile users can access the Casino section via the ‘More’ menu).

When prompted, you will be able to place all your chosen bets for the next spin. After you have placed your bets, the host will spin the Lucky Wheel.

You can also play Dream Catcher, as well as other Live Casino games, on your iOS or Android phone and tablet. See here to find out more.

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