Jackpot Fishing – Play for Real Money & Win Cash Prize

Jackpot fishing is a real money fish game from JILI Games, featuring 3 jackpot pools and 5x super prizes. The 3D visual makes the gaming experience better, it is also a multi-player game, up to 3 players at a time.

Players playing gambling games often know that Jackpot is mostly for slot machines but rarely for fish games. However, since this game was launched in 2019, the need for progressive cash prize has grown bigger than ever, and finally become a trend in 2022.

This game is so successful that players call it “Jackpot fish” to tell the difference from other classic fish games. What are the advantages of JILI Jackpot Fishing? How to win this game? Where to play? Our QA team is prepared to answer all your questions throughout this review.

Why do we recommend Jackpot Fishing?

Compared classic fish game to jackpot fish, JILI Jackpot Fishing is crowned with higher maximum win, total payouts, jackpot prize, cashback reward and bonus event, successfully dominates 7 out of 5 evaluations in advance.

The single multiplier of Jackpot Fishing is up to 888x, the pool’s progressive duration lasts longer too. But to our conclusion, since the cash prize is higher, so the multiplier and duration must be adjusted to a reasonable number in order to raise the payouts.

Through out the comparison, it clearly shows that: JILI Jackpot Fishing > other jackpot fish > classic fish games.

Jackpot Fishing Overall Features

1.3 Progressive Jackpot Pools

There are 3 jackpot pools in the game. You may unlock them with different amounts of bullets. Higher valued bullet can unlock pools with higher rewards and extra jackpot multiplier(s).

2.Free Large-Range Bullets

Bullets shot by players will turn into energy proportionally. You may use the Electric Canon when the energy is fully charged, it can launch a free, powerful full-screen shooting.

3.5x Super Prize

Shooting special fish gives you a chance to win extra 5x rewards. The extra multiplier is found by the base multiplier, which goes up and down according to the fish you’re shooting at. A 20x fish will win up to 100x, 50x ups to 250x, and so on.

4.Weekly Cash Rebate

Players will receive a 7-day count down each week with a ₱2000 default bet goal. When a specific amount of money is reached, players can get a rebate and unlock the next level bet goal.

5.Real Money Rewards

Players are able to get 3 different real money rewards in each different grade. The requirement to level up your Grade is similar to Weekly Cash Rebate. The progress will increase as Grade escalating, ₱50000 is rewarded with Grade 200 as maximum.

Jackpots & Paytable in Jackpot Fish Game






The minimum threshold of Speed is ₱0.2. If the bullet is valued more than ₱0.6, you will be receiving a topmost 168x multiplier additionally. In this case, you can win up to ₱83412 with ₱0.6.

The minimum threshold of Lucky is ₱0.8. If the bullet is valued more than ₱2, you will be receiving a topmost 168x multiplier additionally. In this case, you can win up to ₱654,519.6 with ₱2.

The minimum threshold of JILI is ₱5. If the bullet is valued more than ₱10, you will be receiving a topmost 168x multiplier additionally, and ₱80 to get re-multiplied. In this case, you can win up to ₱555,751,728 with ₱80.

Bonus of Jackpot Fish Game & Events


Cash rebate events are regularly held each week. You can receive multiple cashbacks in 2000, 5000 and higher betting thresholds as real money transferred directly into your casino account.


Every gambling fish games of JILI Games share the same bonuses together. These bonuses are multi-going, which means that you can get more than one kind of special offer, including Reward, Free Chest and Free Gift.


Events are constantly held and two of them on daily basis: LV Exclusive Event & Red Envelope.

Jackpot Fishing Gambling Tips

1.Study the Waves

These fish will appear in regular pattern from the left, right, and even the middle of the screen. Some fish only appear in specific waves with different amounts and moving speed. We suggest that players should study the waves in order to kill high-valued fish as soon as possible.

2.Shoot in Target-Locked mode

Under most circumstances, we recommend shooting in target-locked mode. In this mode, bullet will convert into laser beam, shoot continuously without being blocked. Impenetrability of gambling fish game is a problematic issue wildly criticized. Unfortunately, same goes to JILI Jackpot Fishing as well.

3.Make Ceaseless Shots

Never seize your shot before you’re paid, even the target is disappearing out the screen. Thus, we found an interesting phenomenon among players: They’re so craving about getting prize from targeted fish, but result in ceasing fire desperately when it’s about to leave the screen. Nevertheless, prizes drop at times if the shooting has never been seized.

4.Fire Concentratedly

Frequently switching targets often ends up getting nothing. Keep your mind sharp to prevent this from happening.

5.Use Torpedo Optimistically

Torpedo can do a lot of damage, but it also costs a lot more. It should only be used when necessary to avoid unnecessary waste. For example, you don’t have to kill a fish alone, it’s a multiplayer game and you can use Torpedo after someone has shot multiple times. True gamers find no guilt about kill-stealing.

Perfect Casino for Jackpot Fishing

Online casino is a must-have role to win real money as it is a cooperator, platform and cash tunnel. Your money’s lifeline depends on how the casino plays it.

If a site embraces all three advantages above, players can win more money than expected. So, the question remains:

Is there a casino qualified for all good?

The answer is yes. We were lucky to find a site with mutually-held events, stable connection and 24-hour withdrawal. It’s called Ph online casino, an online casino tailored for Filipinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jackpot Fishing is a gambling fish game with progressive jackpots produced by JILI Games, featuring various real money trophies.

Jackpot Fishing is a jackpot-pooled fish game produced by JILI; jackpot fish includes all fish games with jackpot pool.

Ph online casino is the best Philippines casino for its mutually-held event, stable connection and 24-hour withdrawal.

Regrettably, There’s no app for Jackpot Fishing. Alternatively, Ph online casino official app is available on iOS/Android now waiting for you to try it out.

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