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PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Introduction

PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Introduction

In the old saying of PG slot, there’s a genie living in the cave of winders. He owns the greatest power in the universe, fulfilling any wishes for his master! Genie’s 3 Wishes is looking for its master, the one who summon genie successfully from the magic lamp can make 3 of their wishes come true.

This is an Aladdin theme online slot machine launched by PG Soft. Genie will fulfill the 3 wishes you have. When players enter free spins you will need to make the decision in the bonus selection section—increase the time of free spin to reduce the risk or bet your luck on several free spins? The bonus is just a line apart!

*RTP: Abbreviation of “return to player”, average paybacks toward players. See also What is RTP? Is the RTP rate equal to the chance of winning? 

*Volatility: Proportion of awarded probability and degree of rewards. Medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.
*Max exposure: Maximum win of a single spin. Simulated in 1 billion spins.

Highlights of PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes

Re-spin Feature

Bonus Selection is the main way players make a profit, there are 3 modes of it.

Unlock More Ways

Wild Wishes Feature guarantees players to profit in the main game.

Retriggerable Free Spins

Free spins can be retriggered.

Extra Wild Multiplier

Any symbol that makes a payline with WILD in the Wild Wishes Featur, the multiplier will 2X

*Main game: Charged spin mode.


PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Pros & Cons

Pros of PG Slot – Genie's 3 Wishes

  • High RTP
  • High payout
  • Diverse features
  • Profitable main game spin
Pros of PG Slot – Heist Stakes

  • Flat soundtracks
  • 4 stars visual


PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Bonus Feature

PG Slot – Genie’s 3 Wishes Symbols & Payouts

Actual Gameplay Display & Statistic

When it comes to real money, the online slot machine needs to go under a strict demonstration before the official launch. However, there are many low-quality slot machines on the market nowadays. Players realized they are fooled by the supplier about the data of the game, or find out that it has a serious security issue. We hope to give you a crystal clear guide and review of the game to maintain the purpose of transparency.
*All displays are performed in a $1 bet size.
*Statistic is based on real gameplay data. A QA team’s strict conduct.



In 100 spins, Wild Wishes Feature been triggered 22 times; Free Spins Feature, 7 times; free spins retriggered 1; RTP=99.27%. Bet ₱100 win ₱99.27.

Slot Game Tips & Winning Strategies

1.Bet in Bigger Number

This game considers both winning rate and max exposure. You can experience them in the main game or bonus feature.

2.Go for 8 Free Spins

8 free spins have an excellent balance in terms of ROI, so you will not feel a bonus due to low payout, nor will your income be reduced due to fewer paylines.

3.Keep an Eye on Wild Wishes Feature

Wild Wishes Feature can easily trigger a big win combination, offering players a super fortune, especially in the main game.

4.Study the Paytable

Special symbols usually have high payout multipliers, so knowing what combinations will get you how much before you play can effectively calculate the expected payout.

5.Wait for Free Spins Feature

All online slots view Free Spins Feature as the main income of the player, and because it is free, it is absolutely beneficial. So as long as the player’s ability allows, don’t give up halfway, resulting in the loss of the opportunity to make money.

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Our Verdict

Genie’s 3 Wishes is definitely a great PG Slot to recommend. It keeps the balance between main game and bonus game, at the same time offer extremely high multiplier to award players. If you compaer it with other online slot machines in the market, you will see PG Slot owns better RTP and excellent bonus feature. We’ll rate this game a 9/10 based on the performance of RTP, multiplier and payout.

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