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PG Slot with High RTP – How We Rank Them and Why

PG Slot, magic like the mouthpiece of the online slot machine. Thai players are all crazy about it. Those in the Philippines are also starting to have interested due to one reason, high RTP. Those machines are provided by PG Soft, one of the hottest game suppliers.

We cannot rate a slot machine by only one element. Although some machines claim a giant bonus, the requirements of winning are still high. Some machines focus on high volatility, but the winning rate is pitifully low. Winning any bonus requires lottery-like luck.

However, RTP is the element that represents how much players can win on average and is reliable data repeatedly tested by the QA team.

Our QA team evaluated 7 PG slots and ranked them according to the RTP which is an element closely related to players. We find out that these 7 slot machines are easy-winning compared to others. “What’s the best slots?” “How to win an online slot?” “What’s the best slots casino?” Let’s find them out together!

*RTP: Abbreviation of “return to player”, average paybacks toward players. See also Slot RTP: The knowledge players should know.

Top 7 High RTP PG Slots in the Philippines

You wouldn’t like to miss these slots with high RTP, besides the easy-winning feature, the unique gameplay they own is something you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

*Volatility: Proportion of awarded probability and degree of rewards. Medium volatility is deemed to be balanced on both sides.

Quick Online Slot Winning Tips by PG Slot

1.Weigh Your Options

RTP is one important element when it comes to choosing a slot machine, but it doesn’t mean everything. Maximum bonus, volatility, etc., are also figures you may want to consider.

2.Study the Paytable

Symbols are different from each game. Paytable is where you can find the description of each symbol in the game.

3.Apply to Suitable Bet Size

Place bet according to your budget is a basic doing in casino.

4.Look Out for Bonus Feature

Generally speaking, the Bonus feature often comes with free spin, your main profit from the online slot.

5.Stick to Safe Sites

Only play in a reliable casino with a good reputation, or you may in risk of losing your money and personal information. If you’re not sure the casino you play in is safe, we have a list for you at the buttom of the article.

What a Top Slots Casino Offers You

A high quality online casino needs to contain a good reputation, reliability, and security.

High Reliability

Highly reliable sites release information that is correct and confirmed. You won’t want to find out the RTP casino claim is made up.

High Reputation

High reputation sites will only work with providers with multiple certifications and licenses, in addition, to giving players the best gaming experience. PG Soft is one of them, owning 4 international certificates:

Gambling commission png
bmm testlabs png
Gaming Associates (GA) png

You can expect every good quality casino and provider should do the same as PG Slot.

High Security

The high secured site can avoid your account information being stolen or leaked, and prevent people with bad intentions from damaging system coherence with hacking tools.

Play Higt RTP PG Slot on Your Favorite Casino

The online casinos below are two high-quality sites carefully selected by our QA team from 1078 risk evaluations. They are also both PG Slot authorized & Philippines friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

PG Slots are online slot machines published by the biggest game provider PG Soft in southeast Asia. Incredibly popular between Thai and Filipino players.

Abbreviation of “return to player”, average paybacks toward players. A 96% RTP slot player is anticipated to win 96% of the total bet on average.

If given an equal circumstance, yes. Yet the real world is not much of a math equation but full of variables and randomness, same goes for online slots. You don’t always get your expected RTPs.

Genie’s 3 Wishes has the highest RTP of all.

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