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The Godfather of Blackjack You Can’t Afford Not to Know – John Chang

The Godfather of Blackjack You Can't Afford Not to Know - John Chang

The movie Winning Blackjack is based on a true story, and today I would like to introduce you to one of the main characters in this true story, the professor in the movie, John Chang from Taiwan.

I believe many of you have seen the movie Blackjack and know that it is adapted from a real life story.

In the early 1980s, there was an informal card counting club at MIT that specialized in teaching card counting to students. John Chang joined the club in 1982 and soon discovered his talent in this area and won a lot of money by counting cards. After being blacklisted by all the casinos for being too good at counting and cutting cards, John Chang decided to organize an MIT Blackjack Team with his partner to train his own sons and daughters to go to various casinos to make money.

He once led his team to win $400,000 from a Las Vegas casino in a weekend. According to the report, John Chang’s wife, Cao Hong, who is also a member of the MIT blackjack team, said that John Chang is never soft when it comes to winning big bets, and said that the only way to be considered a great blackjack expert is to be able to overcome human nature and follow a set strategy table like John Chang. Because he is listed in the Blackjack Hall of Fame and known as the Godfather of Blackjack, he attracted Hollywood production to bring this story to the big screen and make it into a final blackjack.

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